All cannabis distributed by Over The Top is Solstice-Grown. This means that the team at Solstice oversees and manages all aspects of the cultivation process. We take great pride in keeping our cultivation in-house because it allows us to know everything that goes into our products and gives us full confidence that no external pesticides or contaminants are present. In addition to complete supply-chain ownership, we randomly sample our batches as an additional quality control process. 

Pesticides include any application to plants that help prevent pests. To provide some clarity, here are some quick explanations: 

Organic vs synthetic: there are both organic and synthetic pesticides. For example, some organic compounds are extracted from the seeds or flowers of plants and is used to combat pests. Even organic farmers use tools to ensure plants aren’t preyed on by pests. 

WA ST/WSLCB Approved: the Washington State Cannabis Board created a list of approved products for cannabis cultivation. The list is extremely limited, mostly OMRI Organic Farming-certified and excludes many products used in organic and conventional agriculture. 

At Solstice, we use what’s called integrated pest management (IPM) practices to proactively build protection against pests. This means we use beneficial bacteria, fungi, nematodes, predatory mites and insects to build an environment that pests will not enjoy. In addition, we make use of the WSLCB-approved products listed below.

All of the products carry half-lives and are applied in such a way that ensures they break down so that their presence will confidently be zero well prior to harvest, and that all Solstice Grown cannabis will be residual pesticide free. 

If you have any additional questions, would like to learn more, or come visit us in the garden – feel free to drop us a line!

Sil-matrixPotasium cilicate

Product Name Ingredient
Green Cleaner Sodium Laurel Sulfate
Mpede Potassium salts of fatty acids
Suffoil-x Mineral oil
Cease Bacillus Subtillus
PFR97 Isaria Fumosorosea
Stimplex Kelp
Bioceres WP Beauveria Bassiana
Azaguard Azadirachtin
Zerotol 2.0 Hydrogen Peroxide and Peroxytic Acid
Hydrocarbon Extracts Solvents: Propane and Butane